Historic Sites Nominations

Nomination Guidelines

Historic Site nominations are now closed and will reopen next January.

Any APS member is welcome to submit a nomination. There are two nomination categories to choose from:

C1 Sites

Sites that have national or international meaning to physics.

  • Reflects an event or body of work that is widely known by the scientific community.
  • Associated with the life of a renowned individual.
  • Correlates with the design of instruments or equipment that set new standards internationally.

C2 Sites

Sites that have local meaning to physics.

  • Reflects an event, individual, group or institution which had a significant local impact.
  • Associated with an innovative building design (for research or instruction) that influenced future physics-related structures.

Thank you for helping to honor and preserve the rich history of physics. If you have any questions, please contact honors@aps.org.

More Information: 

Echo Lake group photo

Plaque dedication at Mount Evans & Echo Lake.