Historic Sites Eligibility

Charles David Keeling taking measurements
Keeling at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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Categories of Eligible Sites  

  • C1 Sites: Sites with national or international significance to physics and its history
  • C2 Sites: Sites with more local significance

Eligible Sites Include:

  • Those associated with an event or body of work, by one or more individuals, that changed the basic structure of the physics discipline in ways recognized internationally by the community of physicists (C1 site)
  • Those associated with the life of an individual who significantly impacted physics and altered its historical development (C1 site)
  • Those associated with the design of instruments and/or apparatus that set new standards internationally (C1 site)
  • Those associated with an event, individual, group or institution that, by means of physics, had a significant impact on the locality (C2 site)
  • Those associated with a new design of a physics research and/or instructional building that influenced the designs of future physics-related structures (C2 site)

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