Outreach Tips

There are a variety of Outreach Tips that will aid in the successful execution of the Physics on the Road show. The complete list is found by clicking on the above link. For a Physics on the Road show, here are some specific issues to think about:

  • Safety equipment: Fire extinguisher, goggles, gloves, safety shield
  • Have safety equipment visible so that audience is at ease.

Working with Children and Schools

Public Relations
  • A Physics on the Road show provides newspapers and TV great photo opportunities. So consider issuing a press release or working with the University’s PR department to do so. Ensure that it is clear on the release that there will be great photo opportunities (this is an incentive for the media to cover your event). This release is also used to promote the event in advance (which is especially necessary if this is a public event).
  • Attendance at a good demo show is proportional to advertising. Be sure to know the advertising and flyer policies of the organizations and sponsors involved. Flyers usually require approval.
  • Create a website: Describe your mission, pictures, calendar, contact info