Physics on the Road Programs

Angelo State University
Society of Physics Students' Peer Pressure Team
Our very active Society of Physics Students chapter and Sigma Pi Sigma chapter takes public engagement seriously. The group has been connecting with K-12 public school students and other student groups for about 8 years. We not only travel to local schools for science presentations or hands-on lab activities, but also take a week long Texas Physics Road Tour each spring, visiting rural school districts to present our exciting and educational set of physics demonstrations. We have participated in the World Year of Physics 2005 and in Laserfest 2010 by adding new demonstrations and materials to educate the public about these historic markers. This year, we join physicists around the world to mark the 100th anniversary of Rutherford's discovery of the atomic nucleas.
Dr. Toni D. Sauncy
Professor, Outreach Coordinator and SPS Chapter Advisor
Angelo State University Department of Physics
2601 W. Avenue N
San Angelo, Texas 76909
(325) 942-2242

Auburn University
Science in Motion
The Alabama Science in Motion program is a visionary educational project established in 1994 by the Alabama State Legislature. Funding for the program is administered through the State Department of Education. The goals of Science in Motion are to provide high tech laboratory experiences for students and effective professional development for teachers. In many instances the cost of the equipment involved would be prohibitive for individual schools.
Marlin L. Simon
Dan O’Halloran
Physics Department
206 Allison Lab
Auburn University,
Auburn, AL 36849
Desk Phone:  (334) 844-4337, 6950

California Science Center
700 State Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90037
(213) 744-7444

Carnegie Science Center
Carnegie Science Center’s Science on the Road program supports education by providing high-energy, show-stopping science demonstrations and hands-on activities to students in grades K-8. Science on the Road offers many imaginative programs covering numerous science disciplines. A variety of special programs including birthday parties, community fairs, after-school programs and scout workshops are also available.
One Allegheny Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 237-3374

Colorado State University
Little Shop of Physics
The Little Shop of Physics is a collection of hands-on science experiments that are designed to be used by students at all grade levels, K-16. We don't do presentations - we don't show students science. We help them do science, to observe, experiment, and question - and discover how rewarding this can be. They learn science, but they also learn that science is something that they can do. And we travel. We come to you. We come to schools all over the region to share our collection of fun and exciting experiments.
Brian Jones
Department of Physics
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
Phone (970) 491-5131
Fax (970) 491-7947

The Exploratorium
The Educational Outreach Program, started in 1984, is a major link between the Exploratorium and community-based organizations in San Francisco and Oakland which serve inner city children, teens, and their families. The Outreach Program offers Exploratorium exhibit-based educational activities via ongoing partnerships with these organizations. We go out to the neighborhoods on a regular basis as well as inviting participants to the Exploratorium for special field trips and, in some cases, extended study.
Vivian Altmann
3601 Lyon Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) EXP-LORE

The Franklin Institute
The Franklin Institute's high-energy team of science educators is ready to bring the excitement of science learning to your school, camp, or community center. These dynamic, highly motivational shows get students involved in learning about a variety of science topics. Traveling Science shows, celebrating over 65 years of service, are aligned with National Science Education Standards.
Micah Reyes
222 North 20th St
Philadelphia, PA 91903
(215) 448-1110

Idaho State University
Demonstration Road Show
The ISU Department of Physics conducts exciting and educational science demonstration shows at S.E. Idaho schools. The program is in its ninth year, and over 50,000 students and over 2,500 teachers have attended at least one of our presentations.
Steve Shropshire
Department of Physics
Idaho State University
Pocatello, ID 83209
(208) 282-2212

Maryland Science Center
Traveling Science Program
The excitement of science happens not only in the classroom or in the lab-with the Maryland Science Center's Traveling Science Program, it happens in the assembly hall, the auditorium, or the gymnasium. The Traveling Science Program brings live demonstration assembly, classroom, and Starlab programs to audiences at schools, libraries, and other education venues. Shows are highlighted by exciting activities and audience participation. Many program topics are available to stimulate interaction and involvement for people of all ages. Programs are presented by trained Science Center educators.
601 Light St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 545-5968

Michigan State University
Science Theater
Science Theatre is an outreach organization run by Michigan State University student volunteers. We bring entertaining science demonstrations to the general public to spark their interest in science. Our performances demonstrate basic scientific concepts and inspire audience members to develop an appreciation for science in their everyday lives.
Dan Stump
Sarah Wright
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-2320
Tel (517) 353 8662
Fax (517) 353 4500

Northern Illinois University
Frontier Physics
Our outreach program is being developed by the Northern Illinois University Physics Department to help bring science and science education to the community. We have created several science shows that can be presented to area schools and other community institutions. The shows will be custom tailored for the appropriate age level and specific area of interest for the audience. The goal of our shows is to increase the audience members' interest in science in a fun and engaging manner.
Patricia Sievert
Physics Department
Northern Illinois University
Dekalb, Il 60115-2903
(815) 753-6418

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Science adventure is featured on a grand scale in our assembly programs, which are designed for larger groups in a gymnasium or multi-purpose room setting. These 1-1.5 hour programs are interactive, educational and guaranteed to keep students and staff on the edge of their seats with science thrills.
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Portland, OR 97214-3354
(503) 797-4588

Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center brings the excitement of hands-on science to your school or event! For more information, please contact the Community Education Coordinator
(206) 443-2681

Purdue University
Julie Conlon
Purdue's Department of Physics has developed a highly successful outreach program, PEARLS, that brings the excitement of physical science to many students who would not otherwise be exposed to physics. It also encourages teachers and parents to motivate students to pursue careers in science, engineering, and technology. Purdue brings PEARLS of Science wisdom to your school.
Purdue University
Department of Physics
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2036
(765) 494-0740 (voice)
(765) 496-2298 (fax)

The Physics Factory
The Physics Factory is a team of scientists and educators in the Tucson, AZ area working to share their enthusiasm for physics with students, teachers, and the community. The presenters and their gear travel in the vegetable-oil-powered Physics Bus, a science museum on wheels. Local college and high school students work together to design and build the exhibits and demonstration props. Pictures and journal logs from recent and current events are presented.

University of California at Santa Barbara

The Physics Circus
A group of enthusiastic UCSB Physics Department graduate and undergraduate students take a collection of demonstration experiments on the road to local schools and present an action- packed learning experience. In today's schools there is a growing need to supplement and improve existing programs in the physical sciences. The goal of the physics circus team is to introduce and discuss a collection of fundamental concepts in physics using accessible language, familiar experiences, demonstration experiments, and audience participation.
Deborah Kuchnir Fygenson
Eric Brown
Physics Department
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530
(805) 893-2449

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Physics Van
By performing and explaining exciting physics demonstrations, we show our audiences that science is fun and worthwhile for people who wonder about why the world acts the way it does. We challenge kids' mental picture of what kind of people scientists are. We show them that as long as you want to learn and have fun, there's a world of physics waiting to be discovered. The van travels to elementary schools in Champaign-Urbana, IL and towns in the surrounding area. We have been as far as Snowmass, CO.
Mats Selen
Tim McArdle
Sara Pogatshnik
UIUC Department of Physics
1110 W. Green St.
University of Illinois
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 333-4173, 1104

University of Maryland

In 1989, the Physics Department purchased a van for the purpose of providing PHYSICS IS PHUN programs to local area schools. It has been fitted with a wheel chair lift for loading rolling mail carts of equipment and emblazoned with the PHYSICS IS PHUN logo. The PHYSICS IS PHUN van has been used for over twelve years, providing more than 360 traveling physics demonstration programs. The goals of these programs vary widely, from entertainment at a PTA or Science Fair setting, to inspiration at the beginning of a classroom science unit.
Richard Berg
Department of Physics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-4111
(301) 405-5994
Fax (301) 314-9525

University of Minnesota
Physics Force
The Physics Force is a very successful and entertaining outreach program of the Institute of Technology in the University of Minnesota developed to make science exciting and fun for students of all ages, from 5 to 105. The Force and the Next Generation teams consist of high school teachers and faculty from the University of Minnesota Physics Department. For over a decade they have attracted standing-room only audiences in Minnesota and elsewhere
Dan Dahlberg
Henry Ryan
Department of Physics
University of Minnesota
116 Church St. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
(612) 624-3506
Fax (612) 624-4578

University of Nebraska-Omaha
Our "CAPOW Van" program (Chemistry And Physics On Wheels)- “Science shows on the road” are available for all K-12 students. Currently, approximately 25,000 students per year from Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota as well as all the Indian Reservations in Nebraska see our shows. In July and August of 2002 several of our shows were presented to several city and rural schools in the states of Washington and Idaho. The newer van travels to the summer meeting of the AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers).
Robert Graham
Department of Physics
University of Nebraska-Omaha 68182
(402) 554-3723

University of Virginia

Phun Physics is a physics demonstration show available for presentation to local schools within a 60 mile driving radius of Charlottesville. The demonstrations introduce several basic physics topics in a fun and exciting manner.
Claire Berrington
Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22901
(804) 924-6161

University of Wisconsin
Wonders of Physics
Welcome to the traveling portion of the Wonders of Physics program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. You'll find out that although physics is "rocket science," it isn't that hard to understand, and can be really, really, cool!!! In fact, physics can be fun! Where else could you actually see someone "blow up" a balloon, or fill a room with a real cloud?
Ella Braden
Department of Physics
1150 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 262-2927
(608) 262-7205 fax