Physics on the Road

So you want to do a Physics on the Road Program?

“Physics on the Road” shows are simply that. They are outreach programs that involve taking and presenting physics demonstrations “on the road” to schools, colleges, festivals (science and otherwise), science fairs, and any other place that will welcome you. Sometimes you as the organizer will actually do a presentation for your audience. Other physics road shows allow people to participate in the physics demos, by trying them out. And some are a mixture of both. As Experts in Physics on the Road programs can tell you, these outreach programs can be a great deal of fun for the organizer and your crew (you most likely will need at least one other person to assist you, but we’ll get to that), and they take a lot of planning, not to mention reliable transportation! This section will give you tools, techniques and information to help you plan an effective physics road show.

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