Establishing Purpose & Goals

The basic goals of presenting a Physics on the Road outreach program are many and can include:

  • To bring physics (and science in general) concepts and demos to populations who for whatever reason cannot visit you
  • To excite people about physics
  • To encourage people to become more interested in physics
  • To stimulate support for your department, university, you, and physics in general in the form of financial gifts, legislative support, etc.
  • To create a media “buzz” around physics and you and your department specifically (see Public Relations)
  • To recruit students to study physics

Of course, you may have your own goals for deciding to do a Physics on the Road program, as compared to another type of outreach program. These goals may have to do with the audience for which you are presenting. For example, if you already have a relationship with a middle school (say because your child goes there), then this might propel you to do a Physics on the Road program at the school. But the important thing is that you do articulate your goals for doing this program in your mind (at least) before getting started.