Advice to be Heeded

What works
  • Work with the community: Work and collaborate with similar programs in your area. Be careful of stepping on the toes of other organizations or giving that perception.
  • Incorporate as a nonprofit or for profit organization (pros/cons of each): If you do this a lot and want outside funds, creating a non profit organization out of your traveling show might be a step you want to take. An example of a group that did this is the Physics Factory. This is the formal step in making your organization official. Decide whether you will want to be profit or nonprofit. Each has its advantages/disadvantages. Both involve a lot of paperwork. This will also help you establish trust and gain credentials in the community.
  • Use large devices
  • Use simple devices
  • Use familiar devices
  • Use audience participation
  • Try to change only one parameter during each demo
  • Make physics applicable to audience
  • Relax, have fun
What doesn’t work
  • Going on too long
  • Rushing
  • Repeating failing demos
  • Being too esoteric/ using too much and/or inappropriate (for the audience) “Physics Speak”
  • Letting the audience get out of control
  • Panicking (always appear in control)
“Watch out for…”
  • Education content: state standards, emphasized topics. Many schools only have funding for programs that meet certain state standards.