The importance of Public Relations

PR is vital to outreach programs.

  • PR is all about building relationships to advance, promote, and benefit the reputation of you yourself, your department and institution
  • PR is about communicating your message to gain allies, advocates, supporters, etc. in the community and the institution
  • It aids in marketing the department for recruitment purposes and can lead to improved quality of student applicants
  • It demonstrates to funding agencies that you are making a difference and actually have results
  • It can improve the reputation of an individual department
  • It can also serve the greater physics community by convincing the public that “quarks, quantum dots, and nanostructures are cool”
  • It can lead to strong community and industrial partnerships, and even financial support

The more PR you do, greater potential for even moremedia exposure

PR is not just media relations

  • "doing outreach" itself is PR
  • Other PR examples include:
    • Special Events
    • Special Promotions
    • Public Affairs
    • Internal Relations
    • Community Relations
    • High Tech PR: blogging, social networking