Establishing Purpose and Goals

The basic goals of presenting an open house are many and can include:

  • To show physicists in action
  • To bring physics (and science in general) concepts and demos to populations who otherwise would not have exposure to these
  • To excite people about physics
  • To encourage people to become more interested in physics
  • To stimulate support for your department, university, you, and physics in general in the form of financial gifts, legislative support
  • To create a media “buzz” around physics and you and your department specifically (see Public Relations)
  • To recruit students to study physics

Presenting an Open House may coincide with another University event, for example a campus-wide “Take Your Child To Work” Day or Homecoming. If the University is having such an event, this is a great time to do an Open House and take advantage of the momentum and publicity of the larger event.