General Advice for the Scientist

  • Visit the Science Center
  • Plan ahead on project of partnership
  • Be sincere
  • Be open to the array of opportunities
  • Make use of the campus-based outreach office – your university may have an administrative unit or office that focuses on fostering and solidifying outreach projects for the university. You can work with these people to maximize the potential impact that your partnership can create on the community you want to serve. In particular, they may have PR expertise, mailing lists of interested individuals, and even funds to support outreach. Take advantage of this!
  • Use professional society outreach resources: certainly you can contact the APS, but there are also websites that support the connection between scientists and science centers that can provide information, ideas, and contacts. Ex: Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network has an advice book for scientists:
  • Develop a cultural understanding within universities and science centers
  • Invite science center people to give colloquia

Advice to Museums who want to build more productive ties to the scientific community

  • Allow for experimentation and creativity
  • Establish long-term relationships
  • Have an Internal liaison
  • Keep a database of university contacts to ensure continuity
  • Have site visits to campus
  • Start small
  • Establish internal communication and structures for initiating partnership
  • Allow time for relationship to develop