Resources Needed

Human Resources include you and if possible at least one other- a “project manager” – someone to assist you with reserving a room, getting the right AV, PR, setting up the demos, organizing the people as they come in, dealing with fire marshal regulation of size of room, etc. This person can also be the person who can help keep you on time during the lecture and give you a 10 or 5 minute mark so you know to wrap it up.

  • to prepare the lecture
  • to promote the lecture
  • to give the lecture – don’t forget to leave time at the end for questions
  • AV equipment: computer, LCD, clicker, microphone (do you prefer a clip on, wireless, etc.?)
  • laser pointer
  • possible demo
  • sign up sheet
  • business cards
  • Bottle of water


Other than paying for an ad, which might not even be necessary, there probably are no costs associated with the lecture