Demo Shows (On Campus)

So you want to do a Demo Show?

Demo Shows on campus follow many of the same rules as “Physics on the Road” shows, with one obvious and advantageous difference: you don’t have to travel to present the show. It is nice to be able to present a show on your own home turf and have the audience come to you instead of you going to the audience.

The key to a successful Demo Show is to limit the amount of lecture you give and to use demos that are big and flashy, i.e demos that the entire audience can see and appreciate. Demo Shows that allow audience participation are great, but there are safety issues involved here so you just have to make sure you pick the right demo if a non-trained physics professional will be participating.

As Experts in Physics Demo Shows can tell you, these outreach programs can be a great deal of fun for the organizer and your crew (you most likely will need at least one other person to assist you, but we’ll get to that). They take planning, of course, and promotion, to ensure you get an audience to show up. This section will give you tools, techniques and information to help you plan an effective Demo Show.

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For advice, ideas and success stories, contact an expert.
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