Working with Children and Schools

So you are working with Children and Schools? 

Working with kids is a very rewarding experience; however it is not without its challenges. This section will cover basic rules as well as best practices when working with children. The most basic rule with kids is that things will go wrong and you should just roll with the punches if they do. If you are doing a demo and it fails, and the kids start laughing, don’t panic, just make a joke about it and move on. Remember, you are in charge, especially with possible dangerous demos around and you control the room and the kids, not the other way around.  

Schools are very happy to host someone to do a demo or a hands-on experiment. But you have to work around their schedule, of course. This is especially the case when it comes to middle and high schools, so be flexible. Also, for high/middle shools, in which the kids change classes and the teacher teaches more than one section of a course, know what you are getting yourself into: are you presenting for one session? Do they want you there for several sessions? Are they bringing three sessions together to see your show? Are you presenting in front of the entire school? 

Note that different age groups require different needs, in terms of explanations, demos, and behavior towards them. This section relates more for kids in the lower grades. 

Working One on One with Kids

Presenting to Groups

Working with Kids and Parents Together

Practical Information When Visiting a School

Advice to be Heeded