Advice to be heeded

What works

  • A fun upbeat attitude and no fear.
  • Great visuals and demos
  • Hands-on activities, if possible

What doesn't

  • Long lectures
  • Using too much "physics speak" that is inappropriate for the age level of the kids
  • Keeping students in their seats for a long time
  • Taking yourself too seriously

"Watch out for…"

  • Saying anything that is inappropriate (even "crap" can cause problems)
  • Any inadvertent sexual reference, particularly in middle schools (everything is a "sphere" not a "ball" and be careful if saying "Tesla Coil")
  • Photo release (sample included): if you plan to take pictures of kids, either in a school or during a festival, etc., it is a good idea to have a photo release form ready. This will be signed by the parents and will allow you to use the photos of the kids in your promotional material, on your website, etc. Sometimes, members of the media require this as well.