"How to" Guide

1. Go to www.sciencecafes.org

2. and call

Expert Ben Wiehe
Outreach Project Director
WGBH Educational Foundation
(617) 300-3980

Ben's job at WBGH (which produces NOVA and NOVA Science Now) is to facilitate the creation and success of Science Cafés around the country. He is THE EXPERT on what works, what doesn't, what pitfalls to avoided, how to pick a location, how to promote it, and even how to get funding for it, if it is needed. In fact, the website, www.sciencecafes.org, which he produced, provides a complete "How To" Guide to creating, preparing, and executing a science café. He has even helped organize a conference for Science Café Organizers. He wants you to call him for his advice – that’s his job!