Science Cafes

So you want to do a Science Cafe?
  • The key here is to create a way for the public to connect with scientists and science in a no pressure, social environment, with very little “physics speak”
  • The members of the public that attend this can range in age and understanding of science, so the talks must be exciting, with a sexy title, and framed in a way that ignites an interest in your science
  • One person cannot organize and administer a Science Café. To make it most effective, you will need at least two people – the scientist/speaker, and a host/emcee.
  • You may also want to make this a series, so you will have to enlist the aid of other scientists in your dept, or university.
  • Topics that can be “translated” to relate to issues of the day or issues that the public deals with everyday can attract good crowds
  • This is not meant to be a lecture – a Science Café is meant to ignite a conversation about science, although the event does start with a lecture component (see below)

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