2013 Accepted Outreach Proposals

Brief Summaries of Accepted Proposals

Physics Outreach to Dyslexic Students
"The proposed project will focus on the development and delivery of instructional modules in physics for students in grades kindergarten through sixth. These modules will be tested on forty students who are attending a summer camp designed for students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia (http://www.rockymountaindyslexiccamp.org/node/5) disabilities have dyslexia (Carnine, 2003)... dyslexia does not impair students' scientific and engineering reasoning; in fact, some researchers (Davis & Braun, 2010; Eide & Eide, 2011) believe that dyslexic students have enhanced capabilities in science. "

A Viral Marketing Campaign for Science
"This project aims to acclimate (pre)teens to scientific concepts subtly, with fun, accessible, and engaging items and activities hosted at public community festivals, online at a dedicated website, and using social media. We hope to thereby provide a positive experience these teens can reflect upon when encountering similar concepts in the future, especially in settings like a classroom where fear and anxiety can cloud interest or performance. WE want to empower teens to not feel lost or out of the loop -- we want to remove the fear of facing science."

Weird-World, Weird-World
"A ten-part series of videos designed and produced specifically as a pilot for the YouTube audience that incorporates the learning / communications concepts embodied by ST[+a]M (Science, Technology, +the arts and Mathematics) to playfully explore interesting and unusual phenomena that physics reveals, and their uses in modern life. No talking heads, no pedants, no complicated theory - but rather a visually stunning and often kooky comical look at exclusion principle, entanglement, tunneling and the retinue of exceedingly strange things that happen in classical and quantum physics and how we understand and actually use this weirdness each and everyday. Produced by the UC San Diego-based creative partnership between an active physicist and established university-based science media producer responsible for the highly successful and comical nanoscience caper When Things Get Small, the ten programs will pilot an on-going series supported by YouTube with the specific goal of engaging and retaining young audiences with [STE+aM] oriented media. The series has planned distribution and marketing on YouTube through a unique programming partnership with University of California Television to commence in 2013."

Intergalactic Travel Bureau
"The Intergalactic Travel Bureau is an interactive theater outreach experience that connects scientists, artists, actors, and engineers with the public in a unique way to consider the incredible possibilities of space tourism. IT originated as a performance piece by Guerilla Science, an organization co-founded by the applicant in 2008 that mixes science and technology with art, music and play and brings them to unusual settings. Guerilla Science has produced dozens of free public events in collaboration with over 130 scientists throughout the United Kingdom and at several events in the United States. The Bureau is staffed by professional actors, who play the role of space travel agents, and professional astrophysicists, who play the role of resident scientists. Members of the public of all ages are invited to visit with bureau staff to plan the vacation of their dreams - to space. Once the client decides what type of vacation suits his or her needs - be it adventure, romance, or relaxation, a travel agent customizes a space vacation package for them in collaboration with the resident scientist. The discussion is rooted in the real-life challenges of space travel, such as cost of rocket fuel, life support, and travel time. The experience facilitates a unique type of engagement as questions arise from the participants. How long does it take to get to Mars? Which of Jupiter's moons would be the most beautiful to visit? Why does Jupiter have so many moons anyway? Each interaction is individualized to cater to the particular interests and age of the visitor." 

On the Sea, From the Sea, Of the Sea: The Physics of Maritime Governance
"Physics plays a far too often hidden yet vital role to our day to day lives in all aspects- a fact not ever left out of almost every introductory physics course. Yet, there is far too often a disconnect between the necessary role that the study of physics and expertise of those who are wielders of physics principle have in our communities. We at the United States Coast Guard Academy (CGA) Physics Section have developed a dual outreach program that will illuminate some of these properties to the surrounding metropolitan community and the Coast Guard on a few of the more interesting topics surrounding the "Physics of the Sea." The proposed outreach program fits well with the 11 missions of the Coast Guard, which can be broken into three categories: Maritime Safety (on the sea), maritime security (from the sea) and maritime stewardship (of the sea)."

The Badger Jet Solder Squad
"We envision a six-to-eight week class, meeting once per week at the South Madison Center for Culture and Community. WE feel that it is important that we (the outreachers) travel to the students to whom we are reaching out, rather than ask the students to travel to us, both in order to minimize barriers to student participation, and to build trust between ourselves and the students' family members, by making ourselves available to the,. We will use class time to assemble electronic devices (such as crystal radios) from kits. Our choice of kits is guided by the principle that accurate measurement is the foundation for all science, so preference is given to kits that allow measurement of detection of everyday phenomena. Our goal is that by the end of the session, students will have learned how to solder, and understand how a scientist can use electronics in everyday work."