2012 Accepted Outreach Proposals

Brief Summaries of Accepted Proposals

Noyes Children’s Library Foundation
A Penny Plain and Twopence Coloured

“…building a new ‘Penny Theater’, and for adapting the book Halley Came to Jackson for wide presentation in the penny theater format to preschool and kindergarten students. The choice of ‘Halley’ is based on the proven track record of this innovative picture book with respect to explaining the concepts of time and space to preschoolers, stimulating interest in the planets and the stars, and presenting the broad concept of time in the context of aging and generational change within the extended family, a topic of interest and concern to young children.”

Heide Doss
Physics for All: Micro Lessons

“Trying to figure out a way to increase the general public’s understanding of science has been a challenge to scientists and educators for a very long time. One way information might be disseminated and discussion initiated is through commonly utilized items such as greeting cards.”
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Montclair State University
The Art of Making Sustainable Science

“A collaboration between the Art department, a visiting artists/film-maker and science departments at MSU for which physics students build a mechanically-powered camera and work with arts students to produce sustainability-themed short movies; and a collaboration between MSU and the Liberty Science Center which encourages the general public to interact with an exhibit that connects science and the arts.”

Wildwood School
Cosmic-ray Collecting Cell-phone Cameras

“We propose to develop a new method of detecting and counting cosmic rays using the camera sensors in cell phones and to use it for K-12 education and public outreach… The second phase of our project is to develop a central database where the cosmic-ray data collected by each cell phone can be uploaded. Each cell phone will report time, location (and if possible, the direction) of each cosmic ray, along with the CCD image data”

Ohio University
Zoom In! A Nanoscience Claymation Video Project

“creation of a five-minute ‘claymation’ video, which will be geared to students in grade levels K-3. Our movie will tell simple stories using animated clay figures that demonstrate in words and deeds some of the fundamental ideas in nanoscience.”

California State University, Long Beach
Phun Physics 4 Phemales: Physics Camp for High School Girls

“…to increase the interest of high school girls in a career in physics. The proposed summer camp will target 9th-12th grade high school girls… This two-week camp will provide the tools and support they need to pursue careers in physics and/or STEM fields.”