During the Hiring Process

  1. Chairs should be prepared to provide candidates with information on their university such as:
    • (MOST IMPORTANT) Success rate of minority faculty (in obtaining tenure) within their college and university-wide
    • Number of minority faculty
    • Number/percentage of minority students in the department, college, and university.

  2. Arrange for candidate to meet with minority faculty at the university — preferably in the same college. There are a number of "intangible" items that make a place inviting — for example: barber shops / hair salons, a local church or a type of neighborhood. This is something that only another minority faculty member could realistically address without a lot of awkwardness.

  3. Make it clear to the candidate what are the conditions to successfully obtain tenure. While it might seem obvious to some, this discussion makes sure there is no misunderstandings up front.

  4. Make a list of the resources available at the university for incoming faculty: teaching (training, filming, etc), research (university grant management, Undergraduate Research Experiences).