Hiring and Recruiting Minorities and Women for Faculty Positions

A faculty vacancy presents an opportunity for the university to carefully define the position and the type of person needed now and in the future. Traditional institutions such as Universities will not change spontaneously. Strong leadership and diversity measures are required to achieve change. These tips intend to assist chairs in recruiting, mentoring and retaining minority faculty

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Tips from the APS Committee on Minorities

The Committee
Pre-Hire Connections & Recruiting
Screening Candidates
Language for Ads & Announcements
During the Hiring Process
Additional Resources

NOTE: These tips are only useful if the President, Dean, and Department Chair see the importance of making an all inclusive department and are wholeheartedly behind the implementation of change. In addition, it is very difficult to attract new minorities when those minorities already do not feel accepted and respected (within the community/department). A morale check should be done before any recruiting efforts. If not, the result is quite predictable.