Current NMC Mentors

The list of current NMC Mentors is organized alphabetically by Institution. NMC Mentors have agreed to mentor local underrepresented minority students. Students who are interested in being mentored can contact mentors by email.

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Institution First Name Last Name Title Dept. Email
Indiana Univ - Bloomington Garfield Warren Research Scientist Physics
Jackson State Univ Shan Yang Assistant Professor Physics
Kansas State Univ Eleanor Sayre Associate Professor Physics
La Sierra Univ Elvis Geneston Associate Professor Physics
Lawrence Berkeley Natl Lab Janos Kirz Scientific Advisor Advanced Light Source
Lawrence Berkeley Natl Lab Howard Matis Staff Physicist Affiliate Nuclear Science
Les Assiciates, Inc Lynwood Randolph President & CEO Management
Massachusetts Inst of Tech-MIT (REU) Joseph Formaggio Associate Professor Physics
Miami Dade Comm Coll Jose Orta Associate Professor Senior of Physics & Astronomy Chemistry, Physics & Earth Sciences
Michigan State Univ (REU) Marcos Caballero Assistant Professor Department of Physics and Astronomy
Michigan State Univ (REU) Vashti Sawtelle Assistant Professor Physics
Michigan State Univ (REU) Stuart Tessmer Undergraduate Program Director Physics & Astronomy
Michigan State Univ (REU) Remco Zegers Associate Director for Experimental Research NSCL
Millersville Univ Michael Jackson Dean College of Science and Technology
Missouri Southern State Univ Jency Pricilla Sundararajan Assistant Professor Chemical and Physical Sciences
Morehouse Coll Willie Rockward Chair, Associate Professor and Director of the Materials and Optics Research & Engineering Laboratory Physics & Dual Degree Engineering Program
Mt Holyoke Coll Katherine Aidala Associate Professor of Physics Physics
Mt Holyoke Coll Kerstin Nordstrom Assistant Professor Physics
NIST - Boulder John Teufel Physicist Applied Physics Division
NIST - Natl Inst of Stds & Tech William Ratcliff Physicist NIST Center for Neutron Research
National Science Foundation R Turley Professor Physics and Astronomy
New Mexico State Univ Stefan Zollner Academic Dept Head & Professor Physics
No Company Provided Mehdi Ameri Physics Physics
No Company Provided Naeem Khan physics teacher education
No Company Provided Robynne Lock Assistant Professor Physics and Astronomy