National Mentoring Community


Studying physics is incredibly rewarding, and challenging. Successful people depend on mentors to help them. The APS National Mentoring Community is an effort to increase the success of underrepresented minority students in physics by providing a structured mentoring experience.

Two Ways to Sign Up

  1. Sign up without a mentor.

Use your APS web account to register. Don't have an APS web account? Create one here.

 2. By invitation from a faculty mentor:

  • You will receive an email from your mentor asking you to register for the program
  • You register and then you’re connected
  • You meet with your mentor at least once per month
  • APS sends you and your mentor information and resources as well as email prompts to discuss important topics
  • You provide feedback to APS on how to improve the program
  • You become eligible to apply for funding to attend National Mentoring Community sponsored events where mentors and mentees come together for professional development, networking, and exposure to important opportunities

How will I benefit?

  • You receive career and professional advice from a physicist or faculty member in a related field
  • You get a one-year free student membership in the American Physical Society
  • You get inside scoop on resources and opportunities like research experiences
  • You get access to a network of physicists who can help accelerate your education and career
  • You become eligible to apply for funding to attend the National Mentoring Community conference where many mentors and mentees from around the country will come together for professional development, networking, and exposure to important opportunities
  • In the future, mentees with financial need will be eligible to apply for scholarships and educational awards
  • You have access to the NMC Bringing Emergency Aid to Mentees (BEAM) Fund

What can my mentor help me with?

  • Navigate the maze of college requirements – get specific advice on which courses to take to achieve your goals is important
  • Career Advice – determine your career goals and the best ways to achieve them
  • Success Strategies – understand the best time to apply for scholarships, graduate school, or jobs; manage your time; build key relationships, etc.
  • Expand Your Network – introduce you to key people to help you achieve your goals.
  • Learn about opportunities and resources
  • Much more…

Questions? Feedback? Contact

NMC Events

NMC Lunch Meetup at SESAPS
Thursday, November 4, 2022
12:00 p.m. CT

The NMC is hosting a lunch meetup at SESAPS and we hope to see all NMC mentors and mentees who are located within APS's southeastern region there.

The NMC is providing coupon codes to waive registration fees for current NMC mentees interested in attending SESAPS. To access this coupon code, email The NMC is also providing travel support for NMC Mentees who are attending SESAPS.

This is the first of many in-person regional meetups that the NMC is hosting for mentors and mentees, so be on the lookout to see when we'll be coming to your region!

NMC Mentee Meetup: Bridge Information Session
Thursday, November 17, 2022
6:00 - 7:00 p.m. ET

Attend this virtual event via Gather to network with your peers, connect with mentors, and learn more about the Bridge Program and why you should apply. We’ll be offering DoorDash gift cards so you can enjoy a meal during the event.
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For questions, please contact

Testimonials from Mentees

[The NMC program] opened my chances for opportunities I thought I would never have. I mean that with the deepest sincerities.

[The NMC program]  connected me to other physicists and afforded me [the] visibility of our diversity. Physicists get typecast into a certain demeanor, look, and nature, but NMC brought together various physicists of all types. It bolstered the self-confidence that I had knowing that we are unified by the pursuit of answers, but otherwise diverse.