Student Abstracts

Please note that only student presenters should submit an abstract through this link. For invited speakers, please use the link sent via email. Have questions? Email Simone Hyater-Adams (

Student Abstract submission is now closed

Virtual Student Presentations

Each student who submits an abstract to present at the NMC conference will get feedback on their presentation and a small speaker gift for completion.

Oral Presentations

Each presenter will be assigned a 12 minute time slot. Each time slot will include a 10 minute presentation, followed by 2 minutes of Q/A from the audience. Presenters should take care that their presentation does not exceed the allotted time, in order to avoid being cut off before finishing your talk.

Poster Presentations

Each presenter will have a private virtual room for an hour that conference attendees can enter and exit freely.

Poster Presentation Tips:
Presentation of a poster provides an opportunity for effective one-to-one communication. The longer presentation time of the poster session enables you to present a more in-depth description and discussion of your work.

To make a successful poster presentation:

  1. Practice your elevator pitch presentation before the poster session.
  2. Your poster must correspond to the title and content of the abstract you submitted.
  3. Plan your poster to be in a logical sequence, i.e. introduction, study design and methods, data collected, conclusion.
  4. To ensure visual effectiveness of your poster, use large lettering and a minimum of text.
  5. Proofread your poster before submitting the pdf version.
  6. Use of color can visually enhance your poster.
  7. Include contact information on your poster to continue conversation with interested audience members.

Before you Submit

  • Know the names and the order of authors.
  • Write your abstract and title, and make sure that the abstract is under 1,300 characters including spaces (about 250 words).
  • Proofread your title and abstract.
  • Determine if your abstract is in plain text, or if it will require either LaTeX formatting or Rich Text Formatting (MS Word with Equation Editor or MathType)

The American Physical Society National Mentoring Community (NMC) is an effort by APS to increase the number of physics degrees earned by underrepresented minority students, defined by the project as African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Indigenous Peoples.