Prize Recipient

Daniela Zuniga

Daniela Zuniga Sacks
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


My name is Daniela Zúñiga Sacks, and this fall I will be beginning my freshman year at MIT.  I was raised in Michigan, and like many kids, I was always asking, "why?"  But as I grew older, I never stopped. Before I even knew what physics was, I was looking forward to science class every day and dragging around books about the solar system. In high school, I watched a documentary about the physics of the universe, and I was instantly hooked.  I was, and still am, dazzled by the dance of the cosmos, the unimaginable space stretching into infinities, and the beautiful equations that can describe life as we know it and much more besides.  I hope to study astronomy and astrophysics at MIT and do research at observatories around the world.