Prize Recipient


Jamelle Watson-Daniels
Brown University


My name is Jamelle Watson-Daniels from Collinsville, Illinois.  My way of dealing with life struggles was drowning all of my problems out with my academics.  But when I took my first physics class, principles of physics read out the story and solutions of life.  When I walk into a room, I instantly begin identifying objects, which directly apply forces on one another and then I think about how much torque must be exerted on one of these objects to tip it over.  In my relationships, I evaluate the person’s potential energy in comparison to his/her present kinetic energy all in reference to the human journey in life being an oscillating spring.  So, as I relate real life to the world of physics, things just make more sense.  Now, I attend Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island where I am studying physics.  Eventually I will gain enough skills to add value to the world of science and be a major addition to the world of physics as we know it.