Prize Recipient


Sebastian Wagner-Carena
Harvard University


My name is Sebastian Wagner-Carena and I will be studying physics at Harvard University beginning in the fall of 2014. I was only six months old, crying in my mother’s lap when I first flew over the Atlantic Ocean. I was making what would be the first of many commutes across the globe. My parents both work as High Energy physicists, a field that largely operates at an international level, which means they’re invited to conferences everywhere from India to Germany. For my brother and me, that means a lot of travel. In my brief 18 years of life I have had the good fortune to have been in five of the seven continents, seen nearly every capital city in Europe, and explored almost every corner of Buenos Aires.
It has been in those crowded auditoriums and university cafeterias that my love for physics as a field has grown. I’ve always enjoyed the science and mathematics I’ve been exposed to in the classroom, but those experiences have allowed me to view science not as one endless competition or test, but an immense collaboration between thousands of brilliant and diverse minds with the sole purpose of discovery. Building and developing that sense of community has become a central theme to my desires for the future.