Prize Recipient


Gabriel Vasquez
Florida State University


My name is Gabriel Vasquez. I am a current Astrophysics and Philosophy major residing at Florida State University. My passion for the universe began when I was in fifth grade when my father helped me in my fifth grade science fair project on general relativity. At the time, I was clueless to what relativity was, but once I developed a greater understanding, I was completely engrossed in the amazement of it all. Studying physics presents a profound beauty of the world we live in. No other subject, besides philosophy, asks such fundamental questions about the reality in which we exist in. And that, I believe, is the turning point for me to major in this field. To marvel at our elegant and mysterious universe, to stand in awe of something so beyond the ordinary daily human struggles, gives a sense of higher purpose in life, an emotional resonance that stuck with me my entire life. And now, as a junior, I wish to continue onwards towards my passion as an astrophysicist to continue experiencing this intoxicating wonder and undying drive to understand more.
I also wish to thank the APS Minority Scholarship for the help that has been provided for me. This program is so beneficial and needed that it has allowed me to pursue my dreams when my financial situation was seemingly not allowing.