Prize Recipient

Tatum, Malachi

Malachi Tatum


My name is Malachi Tatum, and I am a native of Baltimore City. As my final year at Morgan State University quickly approaches, I reminisce on how my interest in physics all began. It was my junior year in high school when I took my first physics class. At the onset of Dr. Conrad's physics class, I became enthralled with the abstract nature of the discipline. I will never forget the homework problem Dr. Conrad assigned where you had the find the velocity of a vehicle from the deflected angle of a pendulum. The idea that one can take two seemingly unrelated physical phenomena and relate them rejuvenated the whimsical curiosity I formerly had for the sciences, thus is the reason I majored in Physics at Morgan.

As of now, the plan is to study, study, and study some more for the General GRE and Physics GRE. I need competitive scores on both standardized test to be accepted into the graduate program of my choosing. I am looking for a graduate program that offers Astrophysics, Quantum Information, and High Particles Physics so that I can figure out what direction I want to take to attain my Ph.D. But along the way, I hope to learn more about the world of Physics and more about my affinity towards that world.