Prize Recipient

Joshua Smart

Joshua Smart


My name is Joshua Smart and I am from Ardmore, Oklahoma. I was home schooled and also attend the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics where I took Calculus and Physics. I am a National Merit Finalist. I will be attending the University of Oklahoma and plan to major in Engineering Physics, which links the pure scientist with the engineer.

During my high school years I was involved in community service. I was a reading mentor for a local elementary school where I worked to help children improve their reading skills. I'm also very involved in my church where I volunteer as camp counselor each summer. I also went on a mission trip to help rebuild a church that had burned down. I was a Boy Scout for four years.

I am fascinated by physics. I love learning about the way the universe works. I really admire the great physicists like Einstein, Heisenberg, and Galileo. My favorite physicist of all time, though, is Sir Isaac Newton. In my opinion he is the most brilliant man who ever lived. He laid the foundation for modern physics, and wrote on the most influential books of all time, Principia. Isaac Newton has been one of my role models for life and my admiration for him is one of the reasons I want to major in Physics.