Prize Recipient

Matthew Sievert

Matthew Sievert


My name is Matthew Sievert. I am from Midlothian, Virginia and partly because of the financial assistance I am receiving from the American Physical Society, I will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University this fall. I am very fervent in my dedication to physics, and as such plan to major in physics in college.

For me, physics is the only truly rational science. Whereas biology is based on seemingly endless memorization and anatomical structure and chemistry is based on the abstract combination of dozens of atoms, physics is firmly grounded in mathematics. The level of physics one can understand is limited only by one's knowledge of mathematics. Furthermore, those simple equations, starting with the kinematic equations I learned at the beginning of first year physics, allow me to predict projectile motion and particle interactions. The power of the conservation laws B linear momentum, energy, and angular momentum B in predicting otherwise brain-numbingly complex situations is astounding. To me, physics is appealing because of the power it endows in anyone creative enough to apply it.

Receiving this scholarship to assist in my pursuit of an education in physics is inspiring. As only the second in seven generations of Cherokee Indian heritage to attend college, I feel a great responsibility to strive to make a difference in the world. I am proud and honored to be a recipient of this scholarship and encourage any student to consider physics as a worthwhile and fulfilling area of study.