Prize Recipient


Shaquann Seadrow


My name is Shaquann S. Seadrow, and I am from Norfolk, Virginia. I am majoring in Physics and Mathematics and minoring in Astronomy at Hampden-Sydney College in Hampden-Sydney, VA. Politics and Economics were my earlier passions, so I was not introduced to Physics until my junior year of high school. Physics overwhelmed me at first, but the theories and the mathematics were mind-openers and excited me, which drew me closer to the field. It was after I had declared Physics as my primary major and completed my first research project that I knew that this was a career field that made me comfortable. I then became one of those people who could laugh to “Big Bang Theory”. Whenever I read Physics literature or hear a lecture, though they can be frustrating at times, they remind me that a lot of intellect, creativity, and dedication was needed in order to bring this field to where it is today and that adventure to understanding the universe is far from over. The best part is that there is much to be learned and shared. I have stayed in Physics because I desire the freedom physicists and Physics professors have to be boldly imaginative, reasonable, skeptical, innovative, persistent, and passionate while giving to and taking from a truly intellectual community. In my time, I hope to see growth in political and public advocacy for the sciences.