Prize Recipient

Salerno, Michael

Michael Salerno


My name is Michael David Salerno and Im a sophomore in The Honors College at Miami-Dade College. Im 20 years old; I was born in Ancon, Panama and have lived in Miami, Florida for the past 15 years.

The reason behind my decision to study physics is simply my outrageous passion for it. I have an aptitude for it and Im also immeasurably predisposed to it. I certainly understand what Feynman meant when he said that there was pleasure to be gained from finding things out, because physics is a medium through which I constantly indulge in this pleasure. I want to continue studying the discipline I love and eventually become adept enough to make significant contributions towards a greater understanding of our often-perplexing reality.

I wouldnt be where I am now if it werent for two wonderful high school physics professors who went beyond simply teaching me the material; they helped me to realize the difference between knowing how to do things and genuinely understanding the why behind everything. They remain an inspiration to me today and Im taking this opportunity to express my thanks to David Kirkpatrick and Ricardo Markland; because how good could a physics class be without a little pizazz to bring it to life, and what good does it do to make students into excellent scientists without also showing them how to be excellent human beings?