Prize Recipient


Jamie Rodriguez
Stanford University


My name is Jamie Rodriguez, and I am a native to Long Island, New York; however, my origins are undeniably Hispanic.  My entire family is from the Dominican Republic, a place in which few have the opportunity to even dream of becoming a physicist.  I, myself, took advantage of this opportunity relatively late in life.  Although I had always loved science, I did not discover my absolute passion for physics and astronomy until high school.  However, once I read about the possibility of a multiverse, the evolution of the cosmos, and the recycling of materials via supernovae, I was completely enamored.  Of course, I could not stop at observing these phenomena; I felt compelled to find the physical reasoning behind these events.  It was this urge that brought on the realization that I had found my life's purpose.  In that moment, I knew that I would devote myself to advancing humanity's knowledge of astrophysics. Thus, for the next four years at Stanford University, I will be plagued by Herculean problem sets and impossibly difficult finals, and I will nonetheless love every minute of it.