Prize Recipient

Matthew Rickert


Im Matthew Rickert from Grayslake IL, which is a northern suburb of Chicago almost smack dab in between Chicago and Wisconsin. I will be starting my 1st year at Loyola University in Chicago soon. Of course Im majoring in physics, but Im also planning on working to eventually get into law school and become a patent attorney, as this would combine my love of physics with my love for the court room. I have always been interested in science (both my parents are chemists) but it wasnt until my 3rd year in high school that I became interested in physics. It all has to do with having a great teacher whose love of physics was infectious, so much that I decided that I wanted to pursue it further. As a result, Im a typical nerd who loves science fiction, specifically Star Wars, and plays Magic the Gathering, and Warhammer; otherwise Im involved in Boy Scouts, ultimate Frisbee, and camping.