Prize Recipient

Daniel Noval


Hello, my name is Daniel Noval and I'm currently an Engineering-Physics student attending school at Oregon State University. I have lived in Oregon all my life and was born in downtown Portland in Good Samaritan Hospital. I grew up going to school in the Beaverton School district ending at Sunset High School. I have always had a strong understanding of Mathematics and Science getting a 790 in my SAT Math score and completing high school calculus my junior year in high school. I chose to study physics because it really interests me and I hope to use my excellent understanding to advance the field and to help people live better lives due to my understanding.

Apart from studying, I enjoy spending time playing water polo and hanging out with my friends. I have played water polo for 8 years now and am currently on the club team here at OSU. I love to fix things and build things and whenever I get a chance I take apart broken items and see how they worked and maybe fix them. I haven't had a mechanical devise yet that I haven't been able to fix. I will be a sophomore in September 2002 and I hope to continue with my major and be successful in my endeavors as a physicist.