Prize Recipient


Akin Morrison
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


I am Akin Morrison, an alumnus of Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Maryland and currently an undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in physics and mathematics. In middle school, I realized my passion for theoretical physics after discovering its applicability to a wide range of natural sciences. In high school, I familiarized myself with relativity and quantum theory and marveled at the mathematics involved.
After my first semester in college, I became interested in mathematical physics.

I am keenly aware that there is more to physics than just developing and evaluating theories to understand the natural universe. My interests as a mathematical physicist lies in expanding the mathematical formalisms of existing theories of physics and to unify a large range of physics concepts and ideas in the form of concise and informative mathematical statements, much like the Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism. During the summer of 2011, I will be interning at the NASA Langley Research Center, working on a project dealing with condensed matter physics. I am also a participant of an online math circle, serving as a mentor to help eager high school students reach their potentials in mathematics.

I have many interests and independent activities. Aside from mathematical physics, I have a passion for philosophy, which has even influenced my studies in math and physics. Last year, I developed a fascination for music, particularly jazz and classical music. I often fiddle around with the piano either to improvise or to create musical compositions. My other activities include golf, computer programming, and animation.