Prize Recipient


Mario Morales
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Since my early days, my father always loved to talk to me about black holes, relativity, and different types of forces. It was him who fostered the curiosity that inspired me to pursue physics as a major in college and as a potential career. Seeing that careers in physics were few in the place I was born and lived in for twelve years, Lima, Peru, I moved to New York in hopes of attending an American university. Now, graduating from the Bronx High School of Science and attending MIT this fall, I look at the days my father told me about the Earth’s orbit (or perhaps about near-light speed travel) with pleasure. Due to another passion, mathematics, I plan to study physics in order to discover new things, prove theorems, and do groundbreaking theoretical work. Mathematical equations can have great physical meaning! Over my next four years, I plan to explore various areas within physics and experience what real research would be like, and whether it is the right thing for me.