Prize Recipient

Jeremy Morales

Jeremy Morales


I am currently enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle as a physics major. I commute to school from an eastern suburb called Sammamish. When I dont have physics or math on my brain, I try to take advantage of my state's beauty with outdoor activities like skiing, golfing, and river rafting. I used to play soccer at my high school as a goalie, but after three broken bones I said "three strikes  I'm out." In addition, I enjoy relaxing with my family and friends. Finally, I must add that I love good comedy movies and that the Marx Brothers and Peter Sellers are forgotten comedic geniuses.

In grade school, I always looked forward to math class; in fact, I liked math before I knew I liked math. Physics was a natural outgrowth of my interest in math; the two subjects are so closely related in my mind, that to me physics is just an applied math. Beyond its large use of math, I find physics exciting because of its attempt to explain the world we live in. It seems I'm always wondering how things work, even when others find such thoughts unimportant or irrelevant. A lot of people ask the question "why?" I tend to ask "how?" and then figure out why.

As I rocket along this road to lofty accomplishments, I realize that without the selflessness of several individuals I would never be where I am now. First, I thank God, who has given me more than anyone else can. Next, I thank my father and mother for their love, insight and endurance. Also, I thank Dr. David Buchthal and Dr. Chris Byrne for the solid educational foundation they have laid for my future. And finally, I thank the American Physical Society and the Committee on Minorities in Physics for their recent helping hand.