Prize Recipient

Michael Karl Medina

Michael Karl Medina
Yale University


My name is Michael Karl Medina, though most of my friends just call me Karl. I recently graduated from Glenwood High School in Chatham, Illinois. Since grade school, and especially since the second half of middle school, I have developed a passion for mathematics. Over the last few years, I have grown interested in the application of math to physics and engineering and have discovered how different fields overlap and affect each other. I plan to double major in Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering at Yale and am very excited about the opportunities to do research in science and engineering. Being able to apply new knowledge and concepts in physics and engineering to the field of aeronautics is high on my list of educational goals. I am looking forward to a summer internship at NASA following my sophomore year. I believe that my educational goals and plans will incorporate my passion and interests in math, physics, and engineering.

Outside of my studies, I enjoy a variety of activities. In high school I competed in math team, scholastic bowl, speech team, and science and engineering competitions (WYSE). I also played recreational sports and took piano lessons. My chief other hobbies are watching movies, working out, and video gaming.