Prize Recipient


Anthony Lutz
California Institute of Technology


I have lived in Northern Virginia all my life, but in a few months I will be making a big move to the West Coast, where I will study at the California Institute of Technology. My love of physics began in elementary school, when I started watching documentaries about the natural laws of the universe and the modern research that has sought to expand our very knowledge of existence. While fascinated by the sciences in general, I believe the true beauty of the world can best be understood through the study of physics, which, of all the sciences, delves the deepest into the reasons why objects and forces follow such intricate patterns. I hope to unravel some of the universe’s most profound mysteries through the study of quantum mechanics, thereby leading humanity to a greater understanding of the world that we inhabit. Though my passion is physics, I also have great admiration for the arts and humanities. I am an avid reader (especially of fiction, fantasy, and poetry) and have an abiding interest in the histories and philosophies of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, as well as feudal East Asia. I have played Classical piano for nine years and am especially fond of works by Bach, Schubert, and Debussy.