Prize Recipient

Daniel Ricardo Lowe


Having completed my second year at the University of Dallas, I am more assured that I was correct in choosing physics as my major. I enjoy the Liberal Arts education I am experiencing at the University of Dallas, both in Irving, TX and Rome, Italy. The mathematical inquiry and discovery associated with physics is what has drawn me -and has kept me drawn - to the field. I am doing research this summer at the University of Dallas and at the University of Delaware on thin film studies for semi-conductors with one of my professors, Dr. Matthew M. Waite. This research has further enhanced my appreciated for applicational physics of business and life. This is my primary interest in the field of physics.

With the researh I do and the application of physics in the world in which we live, I hope to find ways to create products to make life better so that we may, as Descartes wrote, be able to control nature and have fruit from the earth without sweat of our brow.