Prize Recipient

Nicolas Lopez


My name is Nicolas Lopez. I'm from Harlingen, TX and this is will be my third year attending the University of North Texas located in Denton, TX. Ever since elementary school, I had a natural interest in science. So, I've spent all my education always knowing that I would study some sort of science. But it was during my sophomore year in high school, when I played around with a telescope, that I became very curious in astrophysics. During my senior year, when I enrolled in physics and calculus, I was very sure that I wanted to become a physicist. When I began taking all the required math classes in college, I decided to major in mathematics also. I enjoy it very much and I believe that having a strong math background will give me a great advantage in the physics world.

I spent this summer working with Dr. Shiner at the University of North Texas as a lab research assistant. We are dealing with mapping the structure of Helium-4 and Helium-3. I plan to attend graduate school to obtain my doctorate after my BS. In the far future I would like to become a professor at a university and do research, most likely in the area of optics.