Prize Recipient


Josue Lopez
Rice University


Josue Lopez is currently a rising junior pursuing a B.S. in Physics at Rice University. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. His research interests are carbon-based nanomaterials (i.e. carbon nanotubes and graphene), photonics, and plasmonic nanostructures. Surprisingly, although he is very enthusiastic about physics and research, in high school he never thought he was intelligent enough to be a physicist. He owes his enthusiasm for physics to the mentors and professors that have encouraged him throughout his undergraduate career. During his time at East Los Angeles College, Josue developed a deep passion for physics by pursuing summer research on carbon-based nanomaterials at both the California Institute of Technology and Northwestern University. This summer, he will return to the California Institute of Technology to investigate the plasmon propagation in graphene in the midinfrared (mid-IR) and near-infrared (near-IR) range. Throughout his undergraduate career, he has been involved in several organizations that promote science and engineering by conducting outreach to underrepresented groups at both the university and high school level. Josue plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Physics and eventually combining his interests in research, teaching, and outreach by becoming a professor at a research university.