Prize Recipient


Stephanie Lona
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign


My name is Stephanie Lona, I just graduated from Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, IL. My love for physics really started when I was young. I was always that girl in class who would ask "why?" The girl who always wanted to know more than what we covered in class. I had always loved math, but none of the science classes quite met my expectations. They never fully answered my questions. My thirst for knowledge was never quite quenched until I took physics my junior year of high school. It was the first class that really sparked my interest. I'm fascinated by how things work. Physics is all around us. It explains the unexplainable. It is my passion. I know I will never stop asking why and I never want to. But I know majoring in physics will answer some of those whys. Next year I'll be majoring in physics at University of Illinois. I am honored and excited to have been awarded the APS minority scholarship.