Prize Recipient


Dana Lewis


My name is Dana Lewis and Im a 17-year old student attending Louisiana State University this fall.  I was this years Salutatorian and Prom Queen at Texas City High School in my hometown of Texas City, TX.  I proudly have numerous high school achievements, such as, being elected National Honor Society President, being voted Most Involved and also Most Likely to be President of the United States, holding many club offices and maintaining a high A+ average.  I became interested in physics when I learned about the profession of medical physics from my mother, who works at a prestigious Cancer Center in Houston.  Medical Physics is a healthcare field that deals with treating and curing cancer, which is a subject I have become very passionate about over the years.  Having many family members that have suffered and died of cancer, and seeing this disease continue to metastasize throughout our race, I hope to be one more person that can make the difference in stopping this deadly disease.