Prize Recipient

Christina Lee


My name is Christina Lee and after just graduating Central Catholic High School in Portland, OR, I will attend Caltech to study physics.  My passion for physics began in middle school after attending a lecture by Brian Greene on string theory and receiving *The Fabric of the Cosmos* for Christmas.  In high school I joined my local astronomy group, the Rose City Astronomers, and expanded my interests from quantum mechanics and space time to include galaxies, nebulae, and telescopes.  Astronomy provides the chance for anyone to reach out and experience the laws of physics at a scale that boggles the mind and challenges the spirit to pursue.   An internship in fluid mechanics at Portland State University in 2007 fostered my love for exploring the unknown reaches of our knowledge, which I find in physics. I love the beautiful interplay of mathematics and physics and PSUs Link program allowed me to study math there my senior year.  Mathematics is the language of physics, and together can both progress.   Outside of science, I enjoy piano, reading, hiking, and knitting.