Prize Recipient


Stephan Johnson
Dartmouth College


Stephan Johnson is graduating from Benjamin Banneker Academy in Brooklyn. He is known by all as an outstanding student with a 3.7 GPA. Stephan has been described as an intelligent, highly motivated and dedicated student with a strong personal work ethic that will ensure his success in college and a future career.

This young man is a natural leader, not only in his high school, but also in various programs including NYU's Science and Technology Entry program. Stephan is highly regarded by his fellow students, not only for his academic achievements, but for his unique ability to blaze his own path, not following the paths of others. His maturity level and diligence mold his character, and permit him to undertake challenges with humbleness, ask for help when necessary, and relate to individuals from varied backgrounds.

Even though Stephan is steadfast in his ambitions, he is dedicated to serving the community.  With over 1000 hours of service he is an active and invaluable member of our community, and is always ready to lend a hand and give of himself selflessly. Stephan helps in communities besides his own, he has traveled with the Banneker
Rebuilds New Orleans Club to help residents of that city rebuild.