Prize Recipient


Keonia Jenkins
Rice University


For years, I’ve had the same two goals: to obtain my doctorate in physics with at least a bachelor’s degree in astronomy and to become a research scientist or professor in the field of astrophysics. I’ve always wanted to understand how and why the world around me works, how I could and do affect it and vice versa. I was first introduced to this science through NOVA’s presentation of Brian Greene’s ‘The Elegant Universe’. After watching, I realized that physics is the one field of science where there is the opportunity to answer these ultimate questions of the universe. So, in my junior year at Putnam City High I decided to ‘test drive’ physics and found that I enjoyed the practical application of the subject as much as I had enjoyed the concepts. Since, my career plans have never been doubted again and, in fact, will be more secure than ever with the guidance of my physics mentors.