Prize Recipient

Lawrence Jacob

Lawrence Jacob
Morehouse College


Lawrence Jacob was born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Presently, Lawrence is a sophomore applied physics and electrical engineering major at Morehouse College. While in college, he takes time out of his academic studies to serve the community by tutoring inner city youth in STEM related subjects every Saturday and occasionally serving food at the local soup kitchen. Lawrence also serves as the historian for the Morehouse College Society of Physics Students (SPS) chapter and the head of public relations for the Applied Engineering Response Organization (A.E.R.O).

Moreover, since his freshman year of college, Lawrence has developed an interest in nanotechnology research. He hopes to increase the efficiency of photovoltaics and prominence of bio-sensors using nanostructures. As a result of these goals he participated in the WV Nano REU program at West Virginia University (summer 2012), and he is looking forward to participating in the Nanoscale Science & Engineering Center REU, at Northwestern University, this summer. Lastly, because of Lawrence’s love for nanotechnology, he aims to one day obtain a PhD in nanoengineering from the University of California, San Diego.