Prize Recipient

Hariton, Eduardo

Eduardo Hariton


I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and at the age of 15 moved to Miami, Florida. I have always been fond of the sciences but it wasnt until my junior year in high school, when I took an introductory level class, that I really became interested in physics. I began to see the connection between the different branches of science and how every principle or theory can be explained through physics. I was also encouraged to explore this fascinating field by my teacher, Rafael Arechabaleta, who through captivating and entertaining lectures introduced his students to the wonders of this subject and prompted them to continue their study of physics at higher levels.

I am now studying at the University of Florida in Gainesville. I plan to major in physics and continue to medical school. At the Department of Physics, Professor Selman Hershfield has guided me through my first year and advised me to join the Society of Physics Students, of which I am a part of now. I believe that this undergraduate education will serve me well in my future career because as I said above, I believe that all the sciences are related and by understanding the concepts of physics, one can understand all of the sciences.